Monday, June 21, 2010

Nebraskaland Days

I arrived in North Platte on Saturday morning for the Nebraskaland days opening ceremonies, where I sang the National Anthem. Sunday was a relaxing day and I was able to get some paperwork done with my directors and plan out the rest of the week. These first few days were a little chilly and rainy but the rest of the week was perfect weather!

Monday: I signed lots of autographs and took pictures with the kids at the Kid's Parade before participating in it with some of the Little Sisters from this year's pageant. Afterward, I had an interview on KNOP TV and then went to family night with the Engel's.

Tuesday: The Kid's Fun Festival was very well attended so that meant more autographs and pictures! It was so much fun to see all these little children who were so excited to meet me and so humbling to see how full of admiration they were. My camera died that afternoon, as I forgot to bring the charger for it (of course!) so I apologize for not having pictures from the rest of the week. The Miss Rodeo Nebraska Pageant was held that evening and I sang the National Anthem and modeled my evening gown during the show. It was so interesting to see how their pageant works and I had a great time chatting with the contestants, the current Miss Rodeo Nebraska, and even Miss Rodeo America!

Wednesday: I had the opportunity to meet the sailors from the USS Nebraska submarine as we had dinner with them before going to the opening night of the Buffalo Bill Rodeo. The Rodeo Pageant royalty was crowned and I know the new titleholders will do a fantastic job!

Thursday: Jay and Amy Engel and I took the day to make a trip to Lincoln where we met with Dan Macke from The Strand salon. I got it colored a bit lighter and set up some more appointments as he will be taking care of my hair all throughout this year. We also got to chat with Brittany Jeffers over lunch, and did a little shopping before returning to North Platte.

Friday: The Antique Car Show and Parade were both a ton of fun and very interesting! There were approximately 140 cars and I got to ride in the parade and throw candy with my little sister from the pageant, Morgan Baker. I then went to Lunch With the Wild Bunch, where the Rodeo Queens and I helped show the cakes from the All-Male Cake Bake that were being auctioned off. The Governor's Art Show was in the evening, and we had a great time visiting with the various artists and admiring their amazing work.

Saturday: The Eagles Pork Breakfast was held in the morning, so I got to have a great breakfast before the big parade. Nebraska's Outstanding Teen, Staci Craighead and I both rode in cars in the parade, which was so well attended I ran out of candy less than halfway through! It was a great way to finish the week, as everyone was so excited to see us, and I was very encouraged by the amount of support everyone showed for us. After the parade I packed up and headed back home... a week of exciting and amazing experiences behind me, but many more to come!

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