Tuesday, September 7, 2010

...It's Amazing How Life Can Change... In the Blink of an Eye (or, should I say... in one phone call?)

On September 2nd, 1979, an 18 year old girl had a baby boy. Throughout her months of pregnancy, she had made the very difficult decision to give him up to the Catholic Adoption Agency so that he would have a mother and a father, a steady and loving family, and every opportunity for success and a wonderful life. The next day she held his tiny hand and said the hardest goodbye she had ever said. Seven years later, she married and began having children...she was blessed with six more. He was constantly on her mind and in her heart, but she refrained from telling her children, as she did not think she would ever hear from him or live to know him. Then, on September 2nd, 2010, after months of research and searching for her, this long-lost son called his mother on his thirty-first birthday, and not only her life, but the lives of each member of her family changed forever. That woman is my mother... and that boy is my brother.

Please welcome the newest (well, technically, the oldest) edition to my family- Jerod Saia! After the State Fair events in Grand Island, we drove to Lincoln and had the chance to meet him and his wife! It was so incredible to finally meet my brother... who, by the way, makes seven children in my family total, so that officially makes me the middle child! (Guess my "interesting facts" on my Miss America resume that state that I am from a family of six children aren't up-to-date!) He is such an amazing person, and I am estatic that I get to share this special year with him. His wife is expecting in January, so sometime around Miss America, I will become an aunt as well! Although certainly something we will all have to get used to, I hold nothing but excitement for the relationship ahead! We are all so very blessed that he found a loving and nurturing adoptive family and had an amazing life in a stable environment. God's hand throughout this story is absolutely evident, and it is clear He has been watching over Jerod and his family, as well as mine. I am so grateful for the many blessings God continues to bestow upon me again and again, and this is yet one more instance of His constant love and protection. My entire family is simply overjoyed that he contacted us and would like to be a part of our life, as well as invite us into his. There have been so many emotions over the past few days, from first learning of this, to going to meet him, to talking to him and his wife, to having to leave...it's certainly been a roller-coaster!

I guess this whole experience has showed me that your entire life can change in the blink of an eye... or in this case, in a phone call. But I sure don't mind...I love suprises! (:

With appreciation for the past, and excitement for the future,

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