Friday, October 15, 2010

Taking a Year Off School, But Not a Year Off Learning!

I have not always been an inquisitive person, but over the years I have really grown to LOVE learning. There's just so much out there in this world, and having only had 17 years to learn about it, I still have a very long way to go! So although this year has included taking a break from school, I really think I'm learning more than I ever learned throughout a year of schooling!

For those who don't know, my future plans (God willing) include obtaining a degree in Government: American Politics and Policy at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, and then going on to Law School. I hope to become an attorney and then a judge, and eventually become involved in the political arena; my highest goals being to become President or a Supreme Court Justice. (Somewhere along the way, I'd like to try out being a flight attendant and truck driver, and own a ranch and then a clothing store, but that's secondary to the larger picture of the law/government/political realm) Because of this, I am very interested in politics, and despite not yet being old enough to vote, I love staying up on the issues and learning more about our government, so I've been finding some great opportunities to do this.

A couple weeks ago, I attended a "Common Sense and the Constitution" seminar in Hastings, by speaker Glenn Freeman. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak, make sure you go! He is absolutely amazing, and really brought it back to basics with the foundation of our country: the Constitution. Frustrated with our current state of affairs? It's because we have wandered away from the Constitution. If you haven't done so recently, read through it, and carefully examine it; it's pretty incredible some of the things you find!

Also, a couple days ago I attended a Liberty Rally in Gering with my dad, where several local politicians running for different elections were speaking. It was great to hear some ideas and opinions, and to see what is important to the Western part of Nebraska this election. Afterward, I got a photo op with some students from Gering High School, where I attended my Junior year. It was great to see some students who were engaged and interested in the people and jobs that really control every area of our lives; I hope more and more young people begin to realize that and get involved!

Yesterday, I was off to North Platte for the Community Domestic Violence Intervention Program luncheon. I had the opportunity to sing there, as well as listen to some powerful speakers who were very passionate about the cause of domestic violence intervention. As a society, we have begun to think less and less of fights in relationships, and ignore sexist or demeaning comments, when we should be taking these things seriously. Here are 9 ways everyone can help prevent domestic violence, shared by Tonya Folk of the CDVIP:
1) Be a knowledgeable source of information about domestic violence services available in your community
2) Believe that domestic violence is unacceptable and say it out loud
3) Do not laugh at sexist jokes
4) Call 911 when witnessing, visually or auditory, an abusive situation
5) Reach out and partner with your local domestic violence programs for awareness events and/or fundraisers
6) Talk to your family and friends about ways you can help end domestic violence
7) Help to schedule a training to educate your company's employees about domestic violence
8) Teach boys and girls to respect each other and that there is no excuse for domestic violence
9) Model the behavior you expect in society

Today, I had my second session of Leadership Scottsbluff, and learned so much about not only Panhandle issues, but Nebraska issues in general. In case it isn't obvious, we live in a primarily agricultural state. Just making sure you understand that, in case you've never driven across the state... kidding, kidding! We all know that, but it was very interesting to learn about ground and surface water: things that affect agriculture in so many ways. Also, Jess Peterson, the United States Cattlemen's Association, Exec. Vice President, spoke about issues involving cattle and the industry there, another very important issue to the state of Nebraska. As a side note, Jess was named Mr. Montana this year! Crazy coincidence that was pretty cool, so we had to get a picture! (:

All in all, as each day goes by, I really am learning something new every day... or, some twenty new things each day, really! It is just so great to learn more and more about this great state we live in, and I'm really starting to appreciate the unique strengths we bring to the country as a whole. Think Nebraska is a nothing to see, nothing to do, boring place? Go ahead, do some research, and take a look... I think you'd be surprised at what you find!

Proud to be a Nebraskan,

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